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About The XIPHIAS Group

Established in 2002, XIPHIAS Group rapidly ascended to become a prominent force across various domains. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, XIPHIAS has cultivated a reputation for delivering unparalleled services. Pioneering new initiatives, acquiring specialized expertise, and leveraging it for the benefit of clients exemplify XIPHIAS's commitment to growth.

The XIPHIAS Group currently comprises XPAY LIFE Private Limited, XIPHIAS Software Technologies Private Limited, XIPHIAS Immigration Private Limited, XIPHIAS Projects, XIPHIAS Agrotech, and XIPHIAS Connect.

Our dedicated team at XIPHIAS upholds strong values rooted in integrity, honesty, professionalism, collaboration, & accountability. These values form the foundation of our commitment to continuous growth and development, making us active contributors to the social, economic, and cultural fabric of society and the nation.

Our Mission

At XIPHIAS, we strive to surpass client expectations through result-oriented delivery, client empowerment, and ensuring every customer leaves us satisfied.

Our Vision

We aim to be global leaders, renowned for visibility and trust. We embrace frequent feedback to drive continuous improvement and productivity.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Innovation

Join us as we embark on a collective journey towards a brighter and more globally connected future.

Meet Our CEO & Founder

Mr. Rohit Kumar

Mr. Rohit Kumar is a serial entrepreneur who was bitten by the startup bug over 20 years ago. Fresh out of college, he founded his first company, which laid the foundation for all subsequent group companies under the same umbrella. A technologist at heart, he not only understands but is often ahead of the curve in recognizing the pulse of the customer. From CRM to ERP systems in software development, to Point of Sales and Kiosks in hardware, he has proven his mettle in various fields of science. Not one to rest on his laurels, he pursued his Masters in Business Administration from Harvard and is also an Honorary faculty at the academic union at Oxford! XPay Life is the latest addition to his long line of innovative startups!


Meet our awesome and expert team members

Dr. S.S. Iyengar

Dr. S.S. Iyengar

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. S. S. Iyengar is currently the Distinguished University Professor, Founding Director of the Discovery Lab and Director of the US Army funded Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics at Florida International University, Miami. He is also the Distinguished Chaired Professor (Hon.) at National Forensics Sciences University, Gandhinagar, India. He has been involved with research and education in high-performance intelligent systems, Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithms, Sensor Fusion, Data Mining, and Intelligent Systems. [More...]

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Legal Advisor

Rahul serves as the Managing Partner of ILC Qatar since its inception in May 2015 and in this capacity represented the several corporates in major transactions as a lead negotiator/attorney /external counsel. In his private practice, Rahul has counselled and negotiated on behalf of local and multinational client’s major business transactions & projects. He has advised clients on a range of contentious issues including international corporate commercial transactions, banking & insurance matters along with mergers, acquisitions & joint ventures.

Varun Singh


Managing Director

Varun believes in turning dreams into reality. With over ten years of experience, including Investment Migration, Corporate Visa Services, General Management, Business Operations, and Strategy, he boasts an excellent track record with thousands of satisfied customers. He proudly received the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2015. His leadership was recognized among India's top 5 promising Immigration Consultants. His efforts and the company have been recognized with the 'Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award'.


Deepak Ananth

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Deepak Ananth has dedicated over a decade to the dynamic landscape of payment processing, he brings a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes that intertwines sales, marketing, and operational excellence within this domain. His journey through the domains of banking, credit card issuance and the intricate processes of acquisition makes him a veteran in navigating the regulatory terrain, and orchestrating seamless transactional experiences.

Vandana Singh

Dr. Vandana Singh

Managing Director

Dr. Vandana Singh heads the parent company XIPHIAS Software which focuses its interest in providing the best technological and service oriented solutions with the aim of making our presence felt across big/small corporate and small-scale industries. She is responsible for Convergence of Innovation and Technology, to create a contemporary business entity delivering highest quality of products and services while continuously adapting to new technologies.


Dr. Leena HU

Principal Scientist

With over 18 years of extensive expertise, Dr. Leena H.U. holds 5+ years of dedicated research experience in crafting data-intensive applications, resolving intricate architectural and scalability challenges within multi-disciplinary real-time systems. Her impressive 14+ years in the software industry reflect a profound understanding of scientific and technical principles. She adeptly navigates meetings and delivers comprehensive progress reports to leadership.

Shubhi Sharma



She graduated from Symbiosis Law College in 2007 and completed her LLM from Kings College London in 2010. She has over 10 years of experience as a corporate and commercial lawyer. She has been a key member of ILC since its inception in 2015. The firm benefits from her wealth of experience as a corporate and commercial lawyer. She is also in charge of administration and client relationship strategy of ILC.

Ankita Smriti


Director Processing

Ankita Smriti leads immigration processing for skilled, corporate, and business migration at XIPHIAS Immigration, managing a wide spectrum of immigration matters across all levels of complexity. Prior to joining XIPHIAS Immigration, Ankita gained invaluable experience at a software firm, earning a reputation for special innovations & client service. She says, 'I practice immigration law to connect & collaborate with individuals from around the globe

Shruti Singh


Corporate Legal Consultant

Shruti is an experienced Legal Counsel with a demonstrated history in the legal services industry, specializing in Legal Advice, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Arbitration, and Legal Research. Holding B.B.A. and LL.B. (Hons.) degrees, her primary focus has been in Law for eight years. As a corporate legal consultant in Immigration laws, she conducts due diligences of companies’ Real Estate and aids in various ancillary compliances under local laws.

Join us in shaping a future where every individual's talents are valued & opportunities abound.

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